1. Spartacus!

  2. Grande Nairo

  3. This!

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  4. He was so close. :(

  5. So happy for him. He is an amazing human being!  VAMOS RIGO!


    Esto lo dice todo!!! Siempre con trabajo, paciencia amor…

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    First ever Colombian to wear the maglia rosa!

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    It was a brutal day for some riders at the #Giro today after they were caught up in a crash and ended up in a muddy ditch at Passo Cento Croci. This is Adriano MALORI. (Photo: Yuzuru Sunada)

    Hard day indeed

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    Brabantse Pijl 2014

    Signing-on can be tricky…

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  9. Waiting.

    Photo: Gregg Germer and Steen Wear 

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  12. Paris-Nice. Carlos Alberto Betancur

    Stage 5

  13. TTT Tirreno Adriatico

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  15. Edwin Avila, World Champion.