2. Timeless

  4. How great was today.?!?!
    I mean, he is pretty much alone.

  5. dangerousnet:

    Quintana was the first to attack on Ventoux and, even though his face never shows it, he digged deep to finish second, behind an extra-terrestrial Chris Froome.

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  6. Today. Stage 15.

  7. rainbowsandcoconut:

    Tour de Fuglsang, Stage 12.

    Jakob referred to himself as a smurf today. He so cute.

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  9. ehnotsomuch:

    Super cute and educational too!

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  10. Dat ass

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  11. Roswell UFO incident Google logo (Doodle) (by WebSonic.nl)

  12. uphillshift:


    That thing where Andy Schleck is naked. I guess he just finished bath time.

    Even if this is a blatant attempt by @cycleboredom to get page hits, who am I to object?

    OMG!  So skinny

  14. So close today

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