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    Ready for #Roubaix Photo by @emilymaye #nofilter #france #cycling #cobbles #classic #Monument #Domane #Trekbikes #trekfactoryracing by trekfactory http://ift.tt/1iEBcVK
    Vive le Vélo

    A few hours

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  4. Waiting.

    Photo: Gregg Germer and Steen Wear 

  6. How cute 

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  8. HAhaha

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    seems legit

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    I like this smile :)

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    Please, I don’t ask for much. It’s a 4 minutes video, All you have to do is watch and share. It won’t take you much of your time, but it will help a lot. The World needs to know that this is our daily basics, that we are afraid to leave our home ‘cause we probably won’t come back. This is Venezuela. PLEASE, watch and share.

  13. Look at that happy face

  15. Paris-Nice. Carlos Alberto Betancur

    Stage 5